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Corner of my life

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I might need to break this in parts but here's what's going on. Despite being a graduate with a computers science degree I work in a very rich family as a "maid" of sorts, more like a helper-cleaner ect. I choose this cause they pay me WAY more than I would by joining a game development team or making programs (in the past selling source code only made me a nice 2k the person was dumb af but I spent it all on alcohol and with friends). I've been working under this family for years and they think of me as one of them, I even eat with them and have my own room. However here comes the bitter part, I've been having constant affairs with the man of the house and his wife knows nothing about it and is quite in a way dumb. I've been acting weird lately and to my surprise I learnt I'm pregnant, what the fuck do I do, he doesn't know about it, his wife doesn't, nobody does and I've been freaking out for 2 whole days. I Really don't want to drop the child but I've all this connection with this family and I really don't want to lose it, what do I do, how can I even turn the tables at this point. Even if I were to give birth they would notice and I'm also too scared of the pain of birth.