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dox a catfisher?

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I knew this guy online, he used to send me pictures of this girl who he said was his wife and he said she was into me and he was going to send her over to me, we planned all this kinky shit because he was into it, which was hot. Then one day I get a message from her, that she didn't know and she just found out he's been doing it all over the internet. He sent me her nudes for months and we made all these plans, so I was pissed, but then realized he's been doing it forever and he just leaves everyone hanging in the end. Plus this girl was super creeped and told me the pictures he sent were from when she was underaged and she didn't know he had them. I'm into some kinky shit but I'm not into being arrested for kiddie porn. I did some searching and I figured out a lot about him. I want to make this asshole pay.