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How to deal with annoying neighbors?

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The neighbors that live directly above my unit are loud, belligerent, filthy creatures. I talked to the leasing office about the problems they cause at no avail. I refuse to try and negotiate with them in person because they're obviously irrational beings and this would also make me a target if I choose to call the police on them for any reason.

They blast Hip-Hop music constantly in their unit that permeates into my unit at all hours of the day/night. They pack literally 4-6 people into a 1 bedroom unit so the noise is incessant. I'm considering 2 options:
>Calling the PD non emergency line and filing noise complaints, hoping they'll get arrested/shot for the large amounts of drugs sitting around their unit at any given time
or alternatively
>Using pic related - a 110 decibel alarm siren I have. I will leave it continuously beeping in my bathroom every time I leave the house and keep them from getting any sleep like they do to me. Their music sounds the loudest in my bathroom and I believe placing it here won't annoy other neighbors if I close all the doors.

Thoughts? Stories?