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Just got beat up

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There was one guy and a girl, the guy started throwing punches but as soon as I got him on the ground the girl started to beat me. Eventually they let me up and the girl started punching me and kicking me in the groin as I was backing away. People saw but didn't help. In all honesty I'm more ashamed that I lost a fight even though the punches didn't hurt me.

Next time I see the guy I want to fight him but I don't know how long it will be before I see him again. My punched felt like they didn't even hurt him, any advice on increasing punching power and technique? I missed far too many punches for me to be comfortable with.

Also I have a ballbusting fetish so I'm currently wanking in the bathroom to the thought of being kicked in the groin by a girl, also it was filmed and I want the footage.

What do?