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i guess ill greentext this real quick since thats the most efficient way to get human thought into words

>be me
>one night fling with girl
>real good chemistry
>text a bit the day after
>invite her out later that week
>completely ghosts me
>oh well i guess
>be me now, a month later
>randomly recieve texts from her
>"you were amazing"
>"i didnt want to hurt you with my mental problems"
>"that always happens"
>"i didnt want to corrupt you"

honestly this kinda seems like weird high school girl bullshit. definitely dont want anything serious with anyone who would randomly ghost me. i might still be okay with something casual though.

anyways, what should i say thats not absolutely beta? i thought about just deleting her number and not responding but i dont want to stoop to that. a simple "oh alright" or "welcome back. whats up?" come to mind, but im not sure.