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Getting kicked out in a month

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Alright bros, my parents have discovered that I am in fact a homosexual and I have maybe a month to get my shit together and get out the door. I turned 18 a few months ago and have lived a pretty sheltered life so I'm not really sure how to make it out on my own. My old man was showing me how to do some stuff before my inclination for dick came into his peripheral awareness and is basically leaving me out to dry once I'm out. So, what should I do from here? I have a few jobs I've applied for but haven't heard back from, don't really have any art skills for commissions, and no I'm not going to open an OnlyFans. Don't really have any friends who's couch I can crash on either. What can I do so I'm not sleeping on the street when I'm kicked out, and how can I make sure my old man can't fuck me over in some way once I am out (like banking, etc.)? Any advice is appreciated, thanks.