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Existential thoughts and Nihilism

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How do you guys deal with existential dread and nihilistic thoughts? Last week I was laying on my bed and it hit me, I am going to die, and if our consciousness just meaty biological computers, then there is no afterlife, no meeting up with past loved ones, no nothing. The thought wouldn't leave me alone, so next day I searched up about the afterlife and it just led me down a hole of nihilism, my week's been completely ruined, these pointless questions and thoughts are tormenting me relentlessly for a week. The worst part is, I don't fucking care, I just want to be happy, yet this retarded philosophical shit keeps bugging me, "Hurr durr nothing matters" shut the fuck up, there is no point in guessing yet this shit won't leave me alone. I have my whole life in front of me but I keep thinking about the end. Someone please help me.

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