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Fired After Reporting Harassment

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Hey, there. Gonna try to be vague in case I go to court & the defense's lawyers dig up this thread & try to accuse me of slander, regardless of how slight the chance could be.

Over a month ago, I was removed from the site where my company had a contract after working there for almost five years. I was a security guard working in a large building where I was regularly picked on by several workers, who worked for the company that hired my company. Sometimes it was in response to me telling them off for doing things they shouldn't be doing, even if I was being friendly or polite or being firm. Other times they were just being dicks with little to no provocation, or I had to be firm with them because they weren't giving me necessary info for my paperwork, which was their job.

I reported their behavior to my boss, also of my company, stood up to them often, tried being polite or professional in conduct to avoid being in hot water, & rarely did anything change. Only one guy, out of over a dozen, got fired for pushing me around, & he was already leaving for another job at the time. These guys spoke to me, insulted me, & treated me in ways that would have gotten me fired many times over. A lot of the time, the other company would just ignore my complaints.

One day, I come in to work, & literally as I get out of the car, these two guys starts making fun of me. I don't respond at the time, but a few minutes later, as I am walking to my post & I see the one of the guys, I tell him to keep his rude comments to himself. He immediately says "OH ANON, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" As I walk away, he starts making baby crying noises at me, I turn around , & say "dude, really?" He starts to aggressively walk towards me like he wants to fight, saying " what?" I repeated what I said & walked away in silence.