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How do I accept and move on from the fact that my 33 year old LDR boyfriend quite possibly has not moved on from his Asian girl fetish like he says he has?

I'm 29, and middle eastern. He's Portuguese and confessed that from his teenage years to his early 20's, he was very into hentai/asian girls. He lost his virginity to a chinese girl but after she broke his heart and left him scarred, he refused to date asian ever again.

He swears he now despises asian women on an almost racist level, but I fear his detest for them is forced to just mask the fact that it's still there.

Why? Well, he's got two japanese word tattoos, one of a womans name that he refuses to tell me the translation of (he claims its just his late aunts name). and one behind his neck meaning fire.
he's heavily obsessed with games, still watches anime, reads manga, is obsessed with futile japan war history, has played hentai games, listens to a lot of music but mostly japanese rock/pop, is obsessed with wrestling but also japanese wrestling, follows all the asian female wrestlers on twitter, but none of the western female wrestlers, and gets utterly defensive whenever i express how i dont like something japanese that he shows me.

he basically lashed out at me for saying "lol you like baby metal?" it led to a 20 minute lecture on how i'm inferior to him, unintelligent, have poor music taste, arent knowledgeable in music enough to have an opinion, and starting bashing bands i do like. which i honestly didnt care because id never get THAT defensive over music taste to the point where i lash out at my partner...

Help, please.