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Am I beyond hope? Incel/normie opinion wanted.

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Hey everyone need a hand please,

I am 27 years old and been married for 3 years. Have a 2 year old and have a relatively comfortable life.

>Run own business.
>Studying JD Law part-time in background
>Manage to (just about) pay rent in best part of my city
>Life by all external appearances is actually awesome and almost every day is at least mildly pleasant.

Now the 'bad':

>Been with my partner for 5 years, but never had really 'good' sex. Like that crazy, DMT-like, spiritual sex. My wife is pretty, looks nice, thin, but I am really into massive milkers and voluptuous women. I've realised that even though my wife is beautiful, gets a lot of male attention, and people are always telling me how 'lucky' I am... I really want to go home to Ben Shapiro's sister every night.

Now the really bad

>Because I never really 'enjoy' sex, I'm recently finding it hard to muster up motivation to go to work, study, deal with all this COVID bullshit, and come home to sex which is okay at best.
>Used to smoke weed only at night and on days off, now waking and baking every day for last 6 months.
>My wife is actually great. Pretty much 4chan's dream woman. Was a virgin when she met me. Never even talks to men that proposition her. I've been there when someone tries to talk to her and she says 'I have a husband' within 2-3 sentences.
>Literally nothing wrong with our relationship otherwise. She hasn't been affected by Globohomo in any way. She goes to church but never even talks about it and is still really cool and does weed and psychadelics from time to time.
>She has sensed this and has been really, really trying in the last few months, but sometimes she snaps and asks "Whats wrong with you?! Why wont you sleep with me or show me affection" and I sometimes snap and say it's because I don't like her dry skin, or she didn't brush her teeth etc. In reality I know that if she were thicc I would let all of these things slide or wouldn't even notice them.