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>can't fall in love with someone who sexualizes me (early on)
>never been loved by anyone who doesn't

it's like men are only capable of fleeting sexual infatuation, every love story I witness either ends on one of the two cheating or the guy acting odiously because stuck in a no longer sexually stimulating relationship
what's the solution to this one? celibacy?
I'm 19/F and mostly meet my potential partners at school

>but girls are only worth their coochie, it's only natural that you get sexualized since that's all you're good for
I usually try my best to make conversations constructive for both me and my interlocutor and question whether I'm being too selfish/self-centered, have a bunch of interests that are more or less relevant
also I try to be as sober as possible, avoid arousing topics, dress modestly, etc. so I'm really not doing anything to provoke sexual infatuation

>if it was chad sexualizing you, you wouldn't complain
I've been asked out a few times by popular guys, especially one that was singularly tall/handsome/social/smart (the whole package, your classic chad), but started avoiding them as soon as I learned (because suspected their main motivation)