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Too retarded for university and life in general

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I started university 4 years ago just after finishing school but since then it became increasingly obvious that i am not cut out for higher education
My grades are pretty shit and the only way i can somewhat save my gpa is by changing my minor to english next semester
I'm just such a lazy rucking retard i always tell myself ill be better this semester but it never works
Covid made me even more depressed and completly stalled any progress i msde
Im gonna need at least 3/4 more semesters and am actively dreading returning to college but i dont really have other options
I could have started a trade but the deadline for that was september 1 so theres nothing i cand do right now
At this rate im gonna have to leech of my family till im in my mid twenties
They deserve a son who isnt such a fuckup
I just need some sort of advice how to deal with these feelings and how to fix the way my life is going
tldr am sad retard