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I have the worst anger issues of anyone in the world

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I have been arrested several times for anger outbursts in public, meaning I have a criminal record for several assaults where I just flew off the handle and started attacking people. The slightest perceived insult to me causes me to go into a blind rage where I shout obscene insults and threats at random people. At times, I have even reacted like this to friends and family members, and so i have few people left in my life who can tolerate me any longer.

I need help. But I feel I am beyond help. I CANNOT live like this any longer. I feel like my only option is to lock myself away in a room so I can't harm anyone. Just 20 minutes ago something stupid happened while I was walking down the street again causing me to fly into a rage at some random woman and call her a "bitch" and tell her to "go fuck herself". This is only a mere hint of how awful I can be to people when I am angry.

I CANNOT live like this anymore. I am going to meet a terrible fate in life, one way or another, if this carries on. But I have been like this for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a child I have had these blind and violent rages, and no amount of therapy has ever gotten me any closer to solving the issue. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO???