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I Have a test in three weeks and I can't start to learn. Every time I start some chapter and encounter some problem I skip it and go to another one(It's not a book with ordered chapters). Then if I encounter some in that one, yeah... I also skip it. Then, I lose all motivation to go back to the book because I feel like I don't have time for that and I know the most important things. So it looks like it's fine. Well, it is until I start learning from my second textbook. It turns out I needed some of the skipped material. Now I change my mindset to "well it looks like every little thing is useful". So I fill the gaps with the first one. The cycle fucking repeats itself countless times and in the end, I find myself debating whether not to neck myself or maybe I'm not smart enough anyway. In the middle of the analysis of human purpose in the universe, I'm reminded that maybe it would be better to study chapter 5. But I know it will be the same. Jesus Christ, I just can't.