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I met a nice girl, but I'm not attracted to her

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Here is me, a desperate 21yo kissless virgin, really want to date someone already. Never got the chance, no one liked me. I met a girl three weeks ago. We live in the same dorm and met each other and went for a walk/to a near by cafe a few times. Not as a date.

She is really nice. Very polite, socially awkward and shy, also a kissless virgin, loves complementing people. Majoring in international relations, knows Japanese and can watch anime with me. Sort of left-leaning, but not too radical(like supports LGB, but not T. Is pro-abortion, but hates twitter wokism and feminists these days. Sympathetic towards immigrants, but acknowledges them as a problem that has to be dealt with). She is funny, and finds my jokes funny as well. Not obnoxious. Has no ig, twitter or tiktok. A good listener. Always glad to see me and talk to me. An ideal gf I would be happy to have.

BUT I DON'T FIND HER ATTRACTIVE. She is not hideous, but very far from beautiful. Wears simple clothes and no make up. And I am so annoyed that I finally see a likeable girl, but I just don't like her in that way. If only she was fucking beautiful.......