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Am i red flag or my gf is?

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So i'll try to make it short, i made reunion with my old friend i didnt see 10 years ago he invited me to his bday, i invited my gf by saying ''hey u want to come? I can ask if u can if you want'' not the best invitation but i figured she wouldnt want to be with someone unknown, she's introverted
I got an answer ''yea no thanks i got work to school'' fair point she was just admited to high school of economics
So i went alone i didnt knew my friend had a girlfriend but she was there too, normal stuff
When i came how i got yelled at that i didnt invited her and, but i did sort of and i didnt texted her sooner, i texted her like 8 hours into the party my bad agree, and was mad that i added my friend and his gf on instagram and fb seemed normal stuff to me but not to my gf, and fas forward she left my house and is wandering at the middle of the night in the forest,. I could't find her nor catch up to her so i returned and now i'm home alone feeling guilty af
I said to her, dont worry if u wanted to come no worries they want to pay us a visit too now not sure what to do, should i even try to get her back? I do love her except when she's like this