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bros... im so defeated

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I just wanna be good enough, fuck, just one godamn time

I thought it was different with her, I thought for one fucking instance in my life I was good enough for somebody and I could finally, finally catch that happiness i was chasing

>"I'm sorry anon"
>"if things were different"
>"you are literally the *greatest* guy"

well than why the fuck wasn't i good enough? we had the chemistry, we were friends, the sex was amazing, we were supportive of eachother... it has to be me, right?

I was doing so much during the relationship to better myself, healthiest I've ever been and so active and outgoing and was making progress financially; now I dont wanna fucking get out of bed

Its just me

I'm not good enough

I'll never be good enough

fuck, what else is there to say? how do I cope?

>in before drugs/rope