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Creative Way to Ask Out a Cashier?

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I work at a manufacturing company in a small town, and my family also owns a restaurant here.

There is a cute cashier who works at the starbucks in our town.

I decided to give her a gift certificate to our restaurant. I walked in and after I ordered I told her "here, this is a tip for you."

I filled it out myself in the amount of "one small pizza" and in the date field on the certificate I wrote "Only if you're single."

I wasn't looking to ask her out. Only do something bold and forward enough to see if she's interested enough in me to come check out our restaurant, where I can talk to her in a more informal setting where she isn't on the clock as a server. I also feel it was very low pressure.

Was this smart or ineffective? Should I have struck up a conversation first? What if the certificate went to the house and not her directly?

>Feel free to discuss the art of asking out cashiers.