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How to cope with how the world has changed?

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Ever since 2016 it feels like our world, at least in western English speaking countries, has changed so drastically that I can't even recognise it compared to just a few years ago. Everything feels darker, angrier, more hopeless, new strange things like cancel culture and woke nonsense have become super prevalent, censorship is increasing, and there's so much chaos and non-stop crises constantly.

I really deeply miss the world pre-2016 when things were normal. Honestly, the years 2012-2016 were the best in my life and I really wish everything could go back to how it was back then. But that's impossible, it seems.

Given the fact that I can't time travel, and also that the world is never going to go back to the state of normality it was in pre-2016, how do I cope with this new darker and more insane world that drives me crazy every single day?