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Its over

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>had feelings for a girl for about three months now
>I think she is giving me signals
>finally gain the confidence to approach her and shoot my shot (thanks anons)
>start a conversation with her, I get the vibe that she is nervous but we continue the convo
>at the end I ask her for her number, tells me straight up that she is gay
Why do girls give off mixed signals? I am an attractive male and this is the first time shooting my shot. I did realize that she might be gay or at least bisexual after finding her insta account with a rainbow in bio and noticing some of her friend group at school. This was the only girl I am interested in at my school and spent 3 months thinking of being in a potential relationship with her. A big part of my attraction to her was her personality and I would love to be friends. We have not talked since I tried making a move. My question here is, how do I cope with rejection? What do other gay anons think about this situation? How should I persist?