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I don't know what to do about my sister

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She is failing at school and doesn't study. She just plays fortnite, watches tiktok, and talks with her friends on snapchat and whatever young kids use (I'm 19 but don't use social media).
She is 13, but acts like a total brat. She doesn't respects us, screams at us, tells us to shut up and so on. Sometimes I get so angry that I hit her (not with the fist of course), but my mother gets very angry and I'm not allowed to do that. But my mother never does anything. She gives her a punishment, but ends the punishment the next day (even if it was supposed to be longer). She never follows through with the punishments. And my father is almost never home and only shouts at my sister once and then goes in his room and that's it.
It all became worse since we moved. This area is more wealthy, and the kids here are all a bunch of spoiled brats. Today my sister screamed extremely loud because I took her tablet away because she didn't want to come down for dinner. She started crying, kicking and screaming. She tells my mom to shut up and to not touch her and my mom still doesn't really do anything. And my mom will probably allow my sister to have her tablet back by tomorrow.

My sister doesn't respects us at all. What should I do?