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Literally every advice given to me in real life has been true

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My 30 year old buddy who was obsessed with "personality tricking", is right, and no, he was never telling me to be a pyschopath manipulatorm he was just telling me to learn when to shutup, when to not want ro extract satisfaction from a conversation, when to listen, and how to conceptualize ideas to avoid offending the person.

I ignored these advices for a while, pursuing satisfaction and pride out of talking to people. Wanting to spill the beans, like I am doing with this post.

And obviously this post won't backfire, but a lot of the time when I was simply dismissing his advice, saying only what I and I personally wanted to, it backfired.

The list goes on amd on but older people really do have good wisdom. Obviously, you have to filter out the bad from the good but wisdom is important.