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Ex gf acting like a child

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Broke up with gf of around 18 months in February. The break up wasn't messy and it ended with myself saying that she could message me ever if she needed help with anything. I've not spoken to her since. Despite this, she makes a lot tweets about me - though indirectly - about things I've supposedly done. For example today she made a tweet calling me bad swear words and disrespectful. Why? Because before my ex and I dated, I met a girl who was my friend from another country. My ex never trusted her because I guess she's literally just a female friend. Nothing ever happened between us because I don't like her that, in fact I find her quite draining to hang out with. I was with this friend last week and she put some pictures of me on her Instagram story. So my ex constantly look at my friends profile to catch me out. That's bizarre, right? Anyway I just don't like that she's turning people against me, months on, after quite an amicable split. I don't want to message her because I don't want her back in my life if she's being borderline heartless. What can I do, but to ignore and get on with it?
Is this a case of she's still in love with me even after all time and the fact I've completely moved on with my life?