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Is it worth it to improve?

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>4/10 woman
>usually dress like shit, get lightly bullied for lack of care but fine with it
>know the right things to do to look better but rarely do
>when I do things to boost me to a 5-6/10 (dressing nice, smiling more) normies are much nicer and treat me better
>I hate it because I don't like attention or eyes on me
>Get so uncomfortable when strangers try to talk to me, don't known how to respond
>men look at me for longer than a second and it makes me feel like a whore
>Much more comfortable being frumpy even if means getting treated by shit by these same people

I want to feel better about myself but not if it means having to put up with shallow people. Is there a healthy middle ground? I could lose some weight but I'm scared of the unwanted attention of looking healthier