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I feel like the average person hates me because of my race/ethnicity based on what I see on social media. I can’t dissociate what I see online and random people I see on the sidewalk.

It feels so pointless. I feel like people laugh at me on the sidewalk and think I’m a loser because I’m an Indian male. The same torturing I see on TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook comments whenever my race is brought up. Particularly my race and gender combo because of the Bob and vagene. Before you tell “why don’t you guys stop being creepy online”. HOW THE FUUUUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO CONTROL HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MEN. I dont dm women online. I don’t look at people in the sidewalk. I stare at the ground so no one thinks I’m staring at them. I am polite (hold doors and shit) and don’t expect anything in return. I literally just wake up, work, go to the gym, come home and think about how much society hates me because I’m an Indian man. I live in Atlanta by the way. I could move if it’s because of location, but I almost want to stay and be part of a change to make it less racist. Something doesn’t sit right with me that I have to move to be happy. I should be allowed to be happy in my hometown. Sometimes I think I need the technological singularity to happen and hope AGI can take me to a universe where Indian men aren’t reviled by Americans. I’m born and raised here btw. 26 y/o millennial/gen z with a dose of pop culture and public schooling like 99% Americans my age.