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Why are women all of a sudden into me at 30?

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I have nothing but contempt for women now. My 20s was a constant push for self improvement and building my confidence, and now that I'm fit and have a six figure job they're coming to me in droves now. I was in decent shape in my early 20s too but they wanted nothing to do with me.

A part of me wants to follow it through and see what I can get before I get too old, but a part of me feels extremely disgusted at women now. It's like, they never wanted me when I needed them most on my journey, but now that I'm hot shit they want to play? Fuck off.

I don't know what changed since now and then, if it's money, maturity, confidence or what. After a certain point around the age of 23-24 I became really emotionless and cold towards women because they wouldn't give me anything to work with either, and I think maybe that's what they're attracted to for all I know.

Should I smash or pass?