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I am a high school teacher. I don't know if you've heard but there is no discipline in schools anymore.

I hate to admit it, but my students constantly "bully" me because they aren't afraid of getting detentions. They just have their parents call to get them out of detention and the administrators take their side.

This is a school wide problem where I'm teaching; the kids themselves were bragging to me about how they were "bullying" (their words) another teacher.

Here's an example; some kid asked me "Are you going to football tryouts today?" I said, "no", they said, "why not?" I said, "because I'm not a student?" They said, "well, you look like one." (I'm a manlet, 5'9.)

How do I deal with this type of shit in a way that won't get me fired? The other teachers just say "write them up" but I know that does nothing, so that's why I'm asking 4chan.