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Don't feel like getting intimate with gf, but lusting over other women

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Me and my gf have been in a relationship for a couple of years and I feel like breaking up.
Ive been thinking about it a lot but I am afraid of making a mistake/regretting it and most importantly, it will break her heart and make her very sad which I want to avoid.

She is very caring, intelligent and cultured, but I dont feel like talking much about different topics with her anymore.
My main problem is sex, it hasnt been getting better although Ive tried, I just cant initiate with her and I dont want to get intimate anymore.
There is little chemistry anymore when going out, Ive been to 3 parties lately with her and Id rather just spend time with other people there or talking to other women. Despite not feeling very sexual with her, I lust over other women, so it is not my issue.

Her personality doesn't fit me very much, she is kinda quiet and introverted and that drags me down, I met a girl some time ago at a party and we talked a little bit, and she had this energy that made me realize I was definitely looking for something else.
When I was single I was very energetic and ambitious and I feel in this relationship Ive settled for something mediocre (for me) that doesnt really satisfy me.

When we met in the beginning she was in a relationship and we would hang out and have great chemistry, laugh, talk about everything. She broke up because of me (but her previous relationship was going nowhere, heh funny how that works) and it still feels kinda "tainted" because of how it started and I cant trust her really.

The things keeping this together is the past and me being too much of a faggot to end this relationship.
I cant imagine spending my life with her, having kids or even having sex a few more times with her.