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My family members used to install spyware/keyloggers on my computers when I still lived at home, and hired private investigators to spy on me (even taking pictures) for years even after I was no contact with them. Recently I got back in touch with them again and I thought the spying stopped.

Well on a phone call a couple weeks ago with my dad who I haven't seen in half a year, he talked about how I should go to school and get a "real education" instead of working on a Pilates teaching certificate. The thing is, I have never, ever told him about doing Pilates or looking into getting certified for it. The only place I ever mentioned doing pilates or getting certified was anonymously on reddit last month.

So I have a feeling that he either installed spyware on my computer or my phone months ago when he was visiting, or my family members found my anonymous reddit handle somehow, but he doesn't use reddit or go on English sites. I am fucking paranoid.

How did he know?