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Should I do a trade, learn a skill, start a business or submit to the college hivemind

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I don't like the college establishment but I feel it best fits my personality. I do well in academics and am asocial because I don't feel personally connected to people and feel they aren't alike enough. It isn't that I'm ultra-smart, my IQ is a good but not great 115 according to my WISC-V, but I am different and am in my own overthinking and logical head than people in my same range.

It isn't that "I'm not like others" I just feel too disconnected to start anything that would make me ultra-successful and I don't want a blue-collar stereotype that doesn't go with my self-created stereotype of myself that came from other people saying pretty similar to me. I know what people like, what personalities they can have in an instant too but have no connection and look at them like a characters from a book. I should be more like an accountant or something than a mechanic or CEO although I desperately want to be something like that.

The final saving grace is that I can do CSS, HTML and learned Javascript and React, though I'm not sure how stable that actually is as jobs are becoming tighter and that's a pain to keep up with.

I'm an 18-year-old (was applied to school late) senior with a 3.8 GPA and 1220 SAT and multiple clubs and AP classes, I can apply to most non-ivy/public-ivy/prestigious colleges if I want to.