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Is being too accepting of others a red flag?

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I've been going out with this woman and everything seems cool, but there's one thing that bugs me... she's very accepting. She clearly has some standards when it comes to dating, but outside of that she tolerates a lot of bullshit. For example, she personally thinks drinking is bad, but she's fine with having drunkard friends and will go to a party with them if invited. She says "I'm ok with it as long as they don't force me to get drunk too". This is the exact opposite of how I approach things - I hate being around people who do things that I dislike. I wouldn't even bother being friends with a drunkard in the first place. If I were invited, I would tell them to fuck off and refuse to go.

Could this cause trouble in the future? It applies to pretty much everything, not just drinking. Is it a potentially beneficial difference, or am I simply digging my own grave by dating her? I'm rather picky with who deserves my respect, while she's being friendly with just about anyone who doesn’t lie or acts hypocritical.