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It seems like everyone is making it harder to socialize, what can we do?

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Western society today is very socially isolated but I also have a strong feeling that everyone is a either too picky, shallow, or are chronic flakkers so nothing will get better.

And if it's like "oh you have no friends? There must be something wrong with you." That tells me you never gave a shit about me and all you cared for was my social status so that you can look better around your peers.

It's like oh I have to now morph myself into some rigid role and be constantly stressed to make sure that role isn't shattered or else I won't be valued or considered. For once i'm thinking maybe we are naturally irrational, are now petty, have way too much time on our hands, or we haven't kept their inner narc in check.

Fuck you and your catch 22's, fuck your obsticles, fuck your mind games, and fuck your pettiness. You are the problem, you are the one digging society into it's own grave, you are the one who's making everything more dystopian.