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I am literally autistic, please explain this to me.

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>be walking down sidewalk towards bus stop
>sidewalk is 3 tiles wide next to a wall on my right
>3 guys walking towards me
>side by side
>I move over to the right side centered in my "lane" of sidewalk tile
>This is in the USA, where people drive
on the right, in London I would do the opposite
>plenty of time to see each other coming
>no one moves over
>I stop
>use the back of my right hand to nudge away the guy about to make contact with my side
>say "hey, don't touch me, you're going too wide"
>he looks angry and confused
>says something like suck my dick faggot, you wanna fight me
>turn 360 degrees and walk away
>bus comes around the corner right then and I get to the bus stop just in time

Do most people actually lack any self awareness and not watch where they're walking? Or is it just that most people walking alone are such submissive cucks that they allow themselves to literally get tread upon by people walking in groups hogging the walkway. When I'm walking with people I actually go ahead or fall behind them and move to the side when others are coming the opposite direction.

>but why is this a big deal, why do you care?
I really don't like unwanted physical contact, and in this situation, being on the right side of a decently sized walkway, it can certainly be avoided. It's also about self respect, like standing my ground, standing up to bullying, whether its intentional or just ignorance.