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How to understand women and stop hating them

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How do i "undertand" women better? I have come to realize i fucking hate women so im triying to be empathic and understand them but the more i understand women the more i fucking hate them.

>Women only care about looks and not your personality, think of you less than a subhuman if you arent Chad
>Women instantly assume you want to fuck them only if you try to be their friend
>Women will talk shit behind your back
>Women know no loyalty or honor
>Women CONSTANTLY lie, it's like a need, like peeing or eating
>Women doesn't know about history or philosophy

And the list goes on... in any case im not an "incel" or a virgin. But i just happen to be son of a single mom and have a sister and 2 aunts. I think my hatred for women steem from the fact that i know them very well and i don't like their nature. I cannot see them as mu equals, they are less intelligent and weaker form of men. Like a chinese copy of men. Something inferior.that isn't a child but neither an adult.