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Visit biz I’m begging you. Biz is like pol but actually useful. It seemed like a scam board at first but after browsing for several days something suddenly clicked in my head and I wanted to savagely kill myself for not visiting earlier. I truly hate pol for wasting my time, in 2016 had I navigated my mouse slightly to the right and clicked on biz I truly believe I would be at least 7 figures by now instead of wasting 5 years doing worthless shit.

Please guys I’m begging you visit biz and browse it HEAVILY for at least a week to a month. If you’re stupid you’ll be confused and wander back to the rest of 4chan with their garbage boards but if you’re smart you’ll get “it” and realise that biz is the only useful board on this entire shit website

well that’s it from me. i will periodically remind everyone to visit biz as it’s the only useful board on this otherwise shit website. most of you won’t even see it, most will visit briefly, be confused and wander back to this shithole, but some anons might visit it and get “it”.