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Should a sex addict seek another sex adict?

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Would you end a relationship just based on your own desire to have as much sex/orgasms as possible?

I have a good girlfriend, she is pretty, smart, we live together, have a future ahead etc. We have sex like almost every day, or we try at least, if not she sucks me off. But i want more, I would like to fuck her 10 times per day but 1 time is max. It bothers her if I masturbate to I stopped doing that in hope of decreasing my urges but not sure it's helping. I am also kinda obsessed right now with voluptuous women and huge breasts that I would like to fondle, just to try it, but I am committed to my girl with normal sized breasts.

It's not perfect but it's good enough, though I have always been very sexual and feel like I am missing out. Maybe I should learn to live with the urges and maybe they will go down, or should I end it and become a fuck boy once again, fucking hookers and exploring. We live together so a brake up would also be very inconvenient but not sure if I should continue trying. She also knows about the urges and gets upset at times because no matter what she does, she can't completely satisfy me, granted she doesn't have the time (or doesn't want to take the time) to endure long sex sessions with me. Opening up the relationship is also not a possibility and I doubt I could ever come back to her after having some kind of fucking around marathon.