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Might be Going to Jail For Hitting Girlfriend

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My girlfriend is pressing charges on me because her parents convinced her too. I got really drunk one night and came home and was in a really shit mood because my team lost after being tied and i bet money on them. I grabbed my girlfriend and threw her into the wall and punched her in the face. She ran away crying and apparently i damaged her cheekbones.

In the morning i thought it would all be good but apparently she ran to her parents and told them that i hit her. Her dad and I get along really well and he's right-wing and super misogynist so i assumed he wouldn't care but he now hates me and wants me put in jail. I might actually go to jail for assault. I confessed everything to the police beause i know if they catch you lying you're fucked and im just at the mercy of the court system now. Has anyone else gone through this?

I can't believe im going to have a criminal record for life for this stupid mistake