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I look around and I'm literally at the top 0.1% of men in my area based on looks and brains, yet I can't get women. How do I meet new people? Do I just go to clubs alone and talk to random girls? Am I retarded or just too good for them?

> Just finished a PhD on pure math, interested in reading, philosophy and all those /lit/ things, but also had many different hobbies over the years and can hold a conversation about almost everything; I've been told that my writing is great, both in prose and verse. Working as a professor at small-ish European uni for now, but will pursue a career on finance very soon.

> 6'3'', solid haid; sharp, athletic look and overall strong from my weighlifting hobby. I've been told that I'm handsome (see below) and girls regularly look or smile to me on the streets, so I at least believe I'm not awfully ugly. Extremely healthy overall, never had a serious illness. I might dress kind of formally, but keep myself very clean.

> Have good girl friends who value me a lot, but they're either married already or don't have very active social circles, so they're no avenues to meet new women. In general, I have enough friends, but not a "friend group" to go out at night or anything.

Tried tinder and got lucky enough to lose my virginity there and meet a couple cool girls, but lately I barely get any matches, and most of them are either from fat chicks, simpletons or both. Am I too old for a dead city full of uni students? At the gym, the only place where I meet new women naturally, they all act autistic with their headphones and shit, so I don't feel like "disturbing" them.