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Distant Friend on The Same Friend Group

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What do you do when you have a friend who suddenly got distant from you interacting on the same friend group as you?

I have this guy who was one of my best friend for 2+ years. We spoke everyday for hours and were practically brothers. Suddenly, he starts uni (he was 17 when we met, I was 19), and gets distant. Whenever we spoke, he only talked about the university; his new friends, his archievements, his classes, and all that. Outside this, he never initiated conversation, and whenever I tried to it went nowhere. Also, we now go to the same uni.

Then he started ditching our RPG group sessions, bailing on spending lunch-time together on Uni, and he never spoke to me there unless it's a quick ''Hi, gotta go'' usually with his politician-styled tight hug. He tried to suddenly schedule a call with me but I said ''Nah dude, you've been bailing on me much lately'' to which rather than talk about it and/or apologize, he just said ''Cool''.

He interacts sometimes with our friend group however, and it's in that awkward spot where I don't know when to reply in the conversations because I don't want to talk to him but people are mentioning me there and all that. Since I denied his invitation, he never talked to me on my DM.

This is pretty fucking stressful because I'm an aspie and I don't know what to do. I've never trained for this kind of situation. Any tips? Am I justified in getting angry over him being distant out of nowhere?