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does anyone else feel half crazy?

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I feel like something is super deeply wrong with my brain
but i dont know what it is
and some days it feels like everything doesnt make any sense at all and it wont ever make sense
and my head feels like it just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning

then there are other days where i feel like i have a deep understanding of the world in a way most dont
and i could reasonably do anything i wanted to (but i dont want to do anything unfortunately)

then there are the majority of the days where i feel somewhere in between and its making me feel crazier
than i already am because im just crazy enough to be almost completely dysfunctional
but not crazy enough to be treated as crazy by those close to me especially by those who are helping me live
as they treat me with the expectations of normalcy

i just cant fucking make sense of it i dont understand i dont understand i dont understand i dont understand i otnt udnerestand i dont understand ii iiiii0i0iio;liugilyu