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I feel intese anger towards women

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It's something I find increasingly difficult to control.

Even seeing attractive women at a bus stop who are clearly dressed in their "night out" outfits makes me furious to the point I clench my fists and show other physical signs of discomfort without realizing.
I take the bus home from college so I see this daily.

There's one cute girl in my compsci class and whenever I even see her talking to other guys, I want to go over and beat them up. It's such an unbearable feeling of hopelessness.
I might have to drop out because of her. I hate her.
I have never spoken to her before but I would gladly watch her get ripped apart by a rabid Pit Bull.
I can't stop looking over at her and imagine having sex with her though.

I fucking hate women. I want to never see one again. That's clearly not possible though. What else can I do?
I'm a 21 year old incel.