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>be me
>be on back of bus, nearly full but at least some rows still have a seat
>9/10 alt girl gets on
>make eye contact for an entire second
>look away because I’m not a creep
>she walks all the way to back and sits beside me
>I must’ve looked like the most normal least creepy guy
>don’t think much of it but she’s still in mind
>think of complimenting her makeup or outfit but choose not to to avoid being a creep
>get near stop to hop on metro
>tell her I’m getting down since I’m in window seat
>she looks back and smiles and stands up
>get off bus, she gets off too
>go faster to avoid making her uncomfortable or whatever
>we both get on train but different seats
>all throughout the ride look to see if she gets down until she does
>she’s still cute af
>think about her for the rest of the ride

I’m not gonna be retarded and ask “was she into me?” or “should I have made a move?” but why am I like this? It was a normal interaction with a cute girl who acts normally but it for some reason makes me feel lonely and depressed. Good friend group, have female friends, avg ish grades, good family, gym 5/7 days, but having no gf still eats me up inside and makes me feel horrible. This is more of a rant but wouldn’t mind some advice to get out of hole