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Who goes without porn

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Serious answers only (I wish, I know what site i'm on). I keep quitting the visual stimulation of pictures of beautiful women that i've downloaded, and just focus on the feeling and it's super intense, but then I relapse eventually. But a big plus is that nobody can find my porn if it's completely gone. I always come back to archived.moe and re-download EVERYTHING from /s/ and /wg/ and (believe it or not) /b/ has a few good threads where someone keeps posting the best nudes that I haven't seen in so many years. It's like an addiction or craving that must be satisfied. Who here goes completely without porn, and how? What do you focus on? What steps did you take? Do you still have imaginative fantasies related to porn or something you saw on the internet in the past? Because that would technically be watching porn in your mind, right?
I envy women that can have a full body orgasm. I sometimes think I don't love myself enough to do what women do on their own.