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going full incel

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>be In college 22 years old kissless massive purityfag

Starting to hate women.
every single girl i see in college is some copy paste nose ring tattooed low quality slut with massive ego
Even if things are almost not even related to them a lot of them get offended because they keep thinking the world revolves around them
they're so used to constantly receiving flattery that one mild slightly non positive thing that isnt even directed towards them is like an insult to them personally
also makes me angry seeing how much fuckin money they throw away on the daily because their parents give them 500 daily to waste (though this one may be born out of jealousy since i do have to pay for living, food tuition and rent all on myself since parents dont give me a dime)
they dont even have to try with other people since people just rush to them because they're born with a vagina
and even the ugly/fat ones that are at best a 2 have some chad bf they dont deserve

it just makes me upset they live life in easy mode