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Help me choose between two mediocre paths.

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I'm torn bros. I've always done well academically with no effort and people think I'm very smart. The longer I live and more I learn about others the more I realize I'm an absolute retard in the grand scheme of things, and am only really good at the regurgitation of information that school forces one to do. That's besides the point, my academic performance has lead to high expectations from family and others. Everyone expects me to pursue STEM or at the very least a well paying white collar career in something like accounting.
People expect me to pursue these things and suggest them as they pay well and give me 'freedom' to do whatever I want. The only things I want to do are read books, exercise, and see/do some cool things. This in combination with my interest in military has led me to consider joining. I do not have a fantastical idea of the military where one is kicking down doors, riding tanks, and blowing shit up on the daily. I realize that most military occupations are usually mind numbing nothingness combined with incompetent leadership. But it is between that or a white collar job that will inevitably end in me becoming a hero.

TLDR; Everyone expects me to pursue STEM/white collar career at the minimum as they believe I am intelligent and say it gives me the money to do what I want. I do not want money, I don't need much of it. I just want to read books and use my body, rather than rot in a chair. I have always been interested in the military and am tempted to join.
My two choices are: white collar job that pays well and satisfies those around me but rots my mind and body, and ends with a bang in my early 30s. OR, I join a morally reprehensive organization, do a cool thing once or twice, get some exercise, immerse myself in my interests, and sit around reading my books in the meantime (I realize this last sentence makes the military seem very good. Please give me actual advice rather than the generic military bad/I was in the military and it sucked).