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Hey so I have two things I need advice on. 1) is my relationship with my bf salvageable? (I will list all things that have occurred) 2) should I tell a mutual friend about this situation?

On my bf and I’s relationship
> he is always hypocritical, for example he can have female friends and go out to party while I can’t have male friends or party.
> never compliments me, we have been together for 7 months and he has never complimented me.
> always compares me to other women
> constantly mocks me
> is still not over his ex
> all of our conversations are one sided, im the one who does all the talking while he’s on his phone

For telling my mutual friend about this situation im conflicted because he overshares a lot and im scared that he might tell someone and they’ll tell my bf. At the same time this friend has great insight into my bf, and gives pretty good advice.