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The future of Flash

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Is there any hope for flash to be relevant in the future?
Everyone is jumping to HTML5 or Unity for interactivity and animations are just rendering to video.
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We had a bit of a scare today

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But we're back, so I made this.
Thanks to the lads for assistance/input.

Any alterations/suggestions lemme know, open to making edits.
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What's going on?

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Can we bring yesterday back around?
Back when it wasn't like this.
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Dagobah is down.

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Dumb derpy kitty cat does a moe

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He was pro-open borders - but then he stepped outside his safe-spaced echo-chamber and once he fully realized how wrong he was - and how much his country is fucked... he was left with only one option left in order to atone for his poor voting choices. FYI - this is much easier to watch than faggot vegeta pr0n that some AIDS carrying gift giver keeps posting all the time who calls himself "doc". Please go off yourselves, libtards - just like this guy did - do the world a fucking favor eh? Take your proper fucking dose - 50 grams of double ought buck should do the trick you fucking traitors.
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Well /f/. This is it. This is as big as the file is gonna get with me still being able to upload it here. So next time you see me I'll probably just upload each part separately. You'll still find the full thing on swfchan so no worries.


Sabrina is next.
Then Cynthia.
Then fuck I dunno JULIE from that tutorial card game and give you nightmares for halloween maybe.


Besides Pokémon I wanna do a Sailor Moon flash too. So.. look for that when I finish it.
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Slight edit which removes the blurry effect.
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Pokegirl 2

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Added Dawn and finished Leaf. Still taking suggestions.
If you're wondering, no they don't have to be the same girls as the previous one.
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