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Not even sure if this will work on ruffle or not.
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Helvetica Standard : Procession ; fixed up to fit /f/

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I recut the audio to no avail, I tried to count up each individual bitmap to figure out what weighs so much, thinking I may need to recreate them in vector just to scrape by. In the end, it was the screenshots of the text sequence that along were over 10mb.
Instead of compressing it, I decided to give redrawing it a shot.
I still have no idea what I am doing on the technical front, even for something that's supposed to look messy it is too messy. I am happy with how it looks, for it fits with the rest of the work.
There are two reasons why I want to put 4chan behind me.
My dreams is to make anime with the great animators of today. whether I like it or not, current day production assistants use twitter to scout new animators and offer up work. I have some of those following me, but my work hasn't been getting to them. Being on 4chan makes me a ghost to the internet. If I must choose between my dreams and 4chan I'll choose my dreams without a second thought.
I stopped using social media and came to 4chan because social media felt like shouting into the void, I would sit refreshing the site waiting for something to happen. When I started using 4chan, it felt amazing, I was having real conversations. I enjoyed being anonymous, being able to be edgy or make mistakes and learn from. I ran out of the conversations that I could have with a stranger, I want to speak to friends, following up interweaving topics or just knowing how they are doing. It feels like everyone is waiting on a happening. Everything nice is trampled. I find myself refreshing pages over and over sentiments aren't getting through to the ones I care for most. I am screaming into the void again.
4chan has become what social media used to be for me.
some of you are cool, you know who you are.
G A B R I E L#8567
Hit me up. I keep my DMs open. I won't pass up a nice chat with a fren.
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Post teenage sex stories, I begin.
>be me
>girlfriend asks me to root her phone
>pick up the tram and get there in 20 minutes
>am there
>wears Pikachu suit
>ask her why
>"Oh, I just got out of bed with this jumpsuit."
>"Hey anon, interested in some fuck?"
>not interested, came to root her phone
>she keeps being suggestive
>eventually finger her
>get on
>"Okay, got the SuperSU zip!"
>plug in her phone
>all is well and it's rooted
>give into her and we fuck on the couch
>seconds later, hear a doorbell
>have a mental breakdown as I put on my clothing
>she does so as well
>it was her grandma and she had no keys
>mfw my entire life flashed in that moment
>mfw could've been her 2 meter tall stepdad coming to curbstomp me
We still make jokes about this 'doorbell moment', even though it has been 4 years ago.
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I'm not good at saying goodbyes

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A place is just a place, people are what defines it.
I belong wherever there are people who without a shadow of a doubt know this world as endlessly beautiful.
I don't belong here anymore.
I write this as a tribute to a place where I once grew and laughed, and as a roadsidestone if anyone ever comes looking for me.
I'll post here one last tribute the day my genga will make it into a real anime.
I'm not very hard to track down.
If you chose not to, I hope you are doing well.
If that's the way things must be
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