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What is your opinion of this vs minus8's version?
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funfact about this song itt

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This song is about a real Pirate Ship, and Kingston Bay is the bottom of Cape Cod's bay right outside of Boston.

A lord's bastard son named Tom Cutter held the entire region hostage in a way, the local traders and merchants all paid him and his crew "taxes" for safe passage in and out of the bay.

He did this quite daringly, because it was the waning era of piracy, few, if any, could stand against the might of the English/French/Spanish/Dutch Armadas

First the British put a bounty on Cutter for illegal taxation. Cutter sent back to the crown a bounty hunter's head in a box with the official papers nailed to it, along with a note explaining the legitimacy of his office.

Then the Dutch put a bounty up for him stealing and selling slaves meant for Boston. Cutter sent the figurehead of a Dutch mercenary ship back to their crown, also with a note explaining the legitimacy of his office.

Here is where the legend comes alive. Boston and other provinces in the area grew desperate, so they tacked up signs in the bay warning merchants and traders to turn back, and head further north to sell their wares.

Cutter found out about this and was elated, he immediately adopted the signs as a token of fortune and put even more up.

Finally the British were forced to acknowledge the embarrassing ordeal, and take military action against him, being under pressure from the Dutch, French, Spanish, and not to mention some VERY wealthy trading nobles.

They sent out a detail of five full sized warships, an overwhelming display of might.

Thinking no mere pirate could possibly ever defeat a detail as this, they sailed into the bay at the dead of night, hoping to catch the Devil's Reach off guard.
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I missed Wednesday.

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So this is really it huh

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Not just the "death" of /f/ but flash in general. Some sites have implemented ruffle or flash emulators and shit like that to ensure their survival (think newgrounds), but imagine the sheer amount of miscellaneous other obscure flash sites that'll be dust in the wind in a day's time.
Personally it's saddening to think that most of the games and animations and stuff that i loved as a kid is just going to disappear from the internet forever, it just won't be the same.
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Serious Meta discussion inside

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When will flash and /f/ be kill?

>everyone hates flash
>only used to ad in 99%
>video players alternatives are now mainstream
>mobile will outnumber PC
>mobile don't play swf
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My sister died today

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Actually, on 9/11.... but I didn't find out until last night.
She was only 16. Hanged. I can't understand the hurt in her heart that lead to this.

Yes, I know you edgelords here will have shit to say, but I know my /f/am... and I know you have hearts.

I love you all, true /f/egets and edgelords too fwiw. Take every day as a gift, for it is.
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support :v

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