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8MiB, 640x480, how 2 loop (a guide for slowpokes).swf, Tag: Other
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Okay /f/uckers, it's time to get off your asses and make some catchy loops! This tutorial gives you a basic look at how Flash works, how to make a loop, and how to amaze your /f/riends -- no actionscript required!

I was a real slowpoke making this flash. I started it in February 2021. I hope it encourages some of you who haven't created one before to give this whole Flash thing a shot -- it's not so hard once you understand the basics. If you have suggestions to improve this tutorial (I'm sure you'll have many) I may incorporate them in a later version.

As a reference, here is the .fla file for the loop you are guided to make:

I had better see some fresh loops in the next few days!